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Aghilas Ait Mihoub (solver & Writer):

Playing NYT crosswords since 2016, the puzzles has captivated Aghilas’s heart forever. Since 2016, encountering the NYT crossword has become a routine for Aghilas. He cannot imagine a day without solving NYT crossword puzzles. It’s the true addiction!

Aghilas is also Content Writer & Freelance Arabic to English Translator. He enjoys writing about Mental Health, fun for seniors, Educational apps, and Entertainment for all. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football (he is a football referee), playing video Games, and good laughs with his friends.

Kassidi Ducroix ( Webmaster and NYT crosswords enthousiast) :

Kassidi had been exposed to NYT crosswords in a car trip in 2019 thanks to one of his friends. Since then, he has been playing NYT crosswords regularly and participating in NYT crosswords on social media helping crossword lovers to find clues.

Kassidi manages our website and he is the pioneer of our one-page design concept. He wakes up early every morning to upload and update the homepage with the new correct clues he found with Aghilas.

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